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How to setup TXT and MX Records for G Suite and Gmail?


It is very easy to setup your NameOcean DNS for G Suite also known as Gmail. If you already created a DNS Zone and pointed nameservers of your domain name to NameOcean servers, you’re ready to set up Gmail as your business email for your domain. For more information about creating DNS Zone, you can see the page: How to create a DNS Zone?

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How to change nameservers of your domain?


For visitors to access your website, it needs to have an address – a domain name and dns zone of your domain. If you’ve registered a domain name at Nameocean, we create a DNS Zone and it’s automatically pointed to our nameservers and no further actions are required. However, if you’ve decided to use a domain name that’s registered with a 3rd party registrar, you’ll need to point it to your Nameocean nameservers.

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How to create a DNS Zone?


It's easy to set up a new DNS zone from scratch in the Nameocean Dashboard. Login your Nameocean account and navigate over to the DNS section of the Nameocean dashboard, write your domain name then click "+ Create New DNS Zone" button.

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How to buy a domain name?


Here is a step by step guide about buying and registiring a domain name for beginners. You can easily buy your dream domain name on Nameocean by following this guide.

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Free DNS, Free SSL Certificate and Free Health Check Service


NameOcean provides free ssl certificate, free dns and free health check service for each domain name. A DNS zone is a portion of the DNS namespace that is managed by a specific organization or administrator. A DNS zone is an administrative space which allows for more granular control of DNS components, such as authoritative nameservers. The domain name space is a hierarchical tree, with the DNS root domain at the top. A DNS zone starts at a domain within the tree and can also extend down into subdomains so that multiple subdomains can be managed by one entity.

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