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.COM is the most popular TLD, what is the next big newTLD?

.COM is the most popular TLD, what is the next big newTLD?

When asked if any internet users what is a top-level domain name of a website probably they will give a reply as ‘.com’ or ‘.net’. It is true that because our internet history has begun with these TLDs. However every minute, internet and domain technologies are developing parallel to user needs. If you've paid attention, some websites have different TLDs than others as .gov, .edu, .mil or .org. As users' professionalization areas and their visibility on the Internet increase new TLD extensions are needed.

So, we ask the question we wondered... What will be the next popular TLD as popular as the .com in the internet world? There are more than 20 different TLD categories grouped by their related categories such as lifestyle, religion, technology, commerce, money, tech and finance. Maybe any TLD won’t be popular as .com but some TLDs are very popular in their categories. For example, we may list some TLD extensions that are becoming popular in the field of technology : .ai, .io, .tech, .science and .app. We will see more .ai domain names over time as artificial intelligence is more involved in our lives. Perhaps, you should invest in .ai domains before it is too late? By the way, .ai is a ccTLD of Anguilla Island and domain names should not be an investment instrument :)

Forthcoming Top Level Domains

Since 2012, ICANN granted corporations to administer for new generic top level domains. There are also world-renowned companies such as Google and Amazon in the list of applications. For instance, these companies applied for following TLDs in ICANN's New Generic TLD program: .dev, .ai, .app or .author and .book

Statistics of 2019 lays out domain registrations dynamics for All TLDs. The number of domain name registrations worldwide has reached 346,726,602 million which in 1.572 different TLDs. The most of registered TLD is of course .com by 43.30%. Secondly, .net has the maximum number of registered domains which occurs 15,733,599 website and it represents 4.54% of the total market share. In the third and fourth place, Germany and China are located due to the surplus in population. According to these statistics, domain names with .de and .cn extensions constitute a total of 8%. The .tk and .uk extension and country-based domain sites, aside from the high numbers in the records, the domain sites with .org extension are increasing. Finally, some of the New TLDs which in this ranking are increasing: .top and .xyz

I don’t believe there's a correlation between registration numbers and value. I think .xyz gained a true value when Alphabet Inc. (Google) registered domain. Any newTLD can have popularity by chance. Have you ever heard about British Indian Ocean Territory? Never been there? Six groups of mostly uninhabited islands. They don’t really need to build a lot of websites but they have. Because some trendy startups and tech companies decided to build websites with .io (abbr of input/output) domains. Also the ending starts with a vowel, it can be pronounced as part of your company name.,,,, Find the best TLD fits your company or idea and build a good product and website. You will add value to that TLD. The next big newTLD will be yours!