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How to create free SSL on NameOcean?


We provide free and automated Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates for our users. We use DNS Challenge to verify SSL. So, you need to create and use NameOcean DNS to generate SSL certificates.

Step 1

If you don't have a NameOcean account, you will need to sign up for a NameOcean account. Click here to sign up now. No credit card is required.

Step 2

Transfer your domain name or buy a new domain. You can skip if you already have your domain name on NameOcean. You can see detailed instructions for transferring domain name to Nameocean or buying a domain name on Nameocean.

Note: You don't have to move your domain to NameOcean but we charge $0.5 per month for external domain name's DNS Zone and SSL Certificate. If you transfer your domain or buy a new domain name; DNS, SSL and Health Check Services are free forever.

Step 3

If you transferred domain name or bought new domain name on NameOcean, we automatically create DNS Zone. You can skip if you have DNS Zone. Otherwise create your DNS zone on NameOcean DNS Dashboard. A zone is the domain name (such as that will contain all of your DNS records. How to create a DNS Zone?

Step 4

Go to SSL section of NameOcean Dashboard. Select your domain name from list of DNS Zones then click "+ Create New SSL Certificate". Your SSL Certificate will be created in 2 minutes. You can click "Download Certificate" button to download your certificate.