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Free Authoritative DNS Service

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What is authoritative DNS?

Authoritative DNS is the name server, which has the original zone records. It has been configured from the original source, and it returns answers to queries that have been predetermined by the administrator.

What does it cost?

We don't charge any fee for domains on NameOcean. You can buy a new domain or transfer your domain and use our free services like ssl, dns and health check immediately. If you need help transferring your domain, check our tutorial: How to transfer a domain to NameOcean?

Don't worry if you can't transfer your domain. It only costs $0.5 per month for external domain names.


Your DNS management made easy, not just for experts.

NameOcean DNS

Http Redirects made easy

You don't have to setup a http server to redirect your domain name to another URL. It is very easy on NameOcean DNS.

Domain Forwarding



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