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How to transfer a domain from Godaddy to NameOcean?


Step 1

Open NameOcean Domain Transfer page and write your domain name to see if it is eligible for transfer. See image below. You can continue to step 2 if it is eligible for transfer.

Step 2

As seen on the image above. We have 3 things to do on Godaddy. Turning off Registrar Lock (also known as Domain Lock), disabling Privacy Protection if you have any and getting Authorization Code.

Open list of your domain names on Godaddy:

Click "Domain settings" as seen on the image below.

Now you should be on the page "Domain Settings", scroll down to "Additional Settings" section. Turn off Domain Lock by clicking Edit. Remove Protection (Privacy Protection) if you have any. And the last one, click "Get authorization code" to get your authorization code to your email.

Step 3

If you got the email which contains authorization code. Re open the NameOcean Domain Transfer.

Copy and paste your authorization code and click the button "Transfer your domain"

You will be redirected to "Sign up / Sign in" page if you are not logged in to your NameOcean account. Register or login to continue payment page.

After payment we will start the transfer of your domain name from Godaddy to NameOcean. You can see status of your domain transfer on the NameOcean dashboard page.

If everything is OK, you will see the status as "Pending". Otherwise you may need to reenter your authorization code if it is not correct. You may also contact us at any time.

You can wait up to 5 days for transfer to complete or you can continue to the next step to speed up the transfer process.

Step 4

Open list of your domains page on godaddy:

You will see "Transfer is in progress". Click to View details.

Now you should be on the "Pending Transfers" page. Click "Accept or decline" to complete transfer. After accepting, it will take about 10 minutes to complete. You can go to NameOcean domains dashboard to manage your domain. Feel free to enjoy your free dns, ssl certificate and health check service for your domain. Click here to see details of free dns, free ssl and free health check.