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Top 5 Must-Know Tips for Finding the Awesome Domain

Top 5 Must-Know Tips for Finding the Awesome Domain

Choosing the best possible domain for your would-be website is not always a walk in the park. In fact, it can sometimes feel extremely frustration coming up with a ton of ideas that don't seem to do the trick. That being said, everybody deserves a really good domain for their business or organization. Everything may depend on this, because it has impact on your SERPs ranking, among other things. Luckily, this post is written to help you do that very easily (and efficiently too). With that in mind, let's dive in and discuss the top 5 must-know tips for finding the awesome domain you will be proud of.

1. Start your keyword research with a domain selection tool

Every expert will advise you to start with keyword research - Everything depends on it apparently. But trying to come up with a few keywords without any help is difficult, to say the least. That's why you need to start your keyword research with a tool To find your awesome domain name, use to generate the perfect domain name. It is a really good AI-powered domain search tool that will not only give you a good domain name but, generates hundreds of alternative domain names in seconds. Obviously, you cannot do that. Besides, all NameOcean domains come with $100 worth free premium features like free SSL, DNS, and website uptime monitoring. That is why you need to start your keywords with a Domain Name Generator.

2. Use a .COM

If you have plans to build a thriving business, it is advisable to use a .COM. Why? There's nothing better than it. It would increase the traffic to your site significantly. That's because people find it more trustworthy. Even though you can use a 301-redirect to send traffic to your .org or .net, which is totally fine, you should use a .COM. If you do not want to use that, then use an equivalent TLD - one that is suitable for your target market.

3. Your domain name should be unique.

The name you choose must be unique. This will make all the difference as there are way over a billion websites on the internet currently. That's why comes up with hundreds of alternative domain names for you to choose from.

4. Keep it short, as much as possible.

Shorter domain names are easy to remember and type. Also, it allows more of the URL to show up in SERPs. In short, it is preferable to keep it short as much as possible to spruce things up for everyone.

5. Do pick a domain name that is very similar to your successful competitor.

It is tempting to look at what your successful competitors are doing and decide to replicate their success. So if you want to select the right domain name, don't select a domain name that is similar to the competitors'. When people type your domain name on a search engine, your competitor domain name would have a higher SERP than yours. This sucks! So go for something different that will represent your brand perfectly.


The online space where you do business is your domain. Having the right domain is pivotal to the success of your enterprise. Choose one that makes it easier to create a successful brand. In other to do that, you need these important tips for finding the awesome domain.