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How to install Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates on nginx?


NameOcean provides free wildcard Let's Encrypt certificates on it's dashboard automatically. You don't have to worry learning command-line certbot tool. Take a look at our guide to generate SSL Certificates on NameOcean by only few clicks:

Now we will install SSL certificates on Nginx.

Step 1

Download your certificate on NameOcean dashboard.

Step 2

Open zip file and you will see these files.

Step 3

Copy files to your server using your preferred method like ftp or sftp. I will copy them with scp:

scp -r ~/Downloads/

This will copy folder to my remote server on path /root/

Also, you can download your certificate to the server from NameOcean and open zip file on server. You should right click the Download Certificate button and copy its url. It is a url something like:

You can use this code to download and unzip the archive file:


Now we have the certificate files on our server.

Step 4

Configure nginx

server {
listen 80;

location / {
access_log off;
log_not_found off;
return 301 https://$host$request_uri;

server {
listen 443 ssl;
ssl_certificate /root/;
ssl_certificate_key /root/;

root /path/to/mywebsite/

First server block redirects requests to

Second block is your actual server block to serve your website. You can add your specific configuration to server php or python server. You can ask us below for more information.

Now we should reload or restart nginx to enable new configuration.

service nginx reload