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How to manage DNS Zone?


What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System) basically points an easy to remember address to a physical IP address. It is like a dictionary of Internet. For example, when you type in in your browser, the DNS points this address to the actual IP address where our website is hosted.

What is a DNS Zone?

DNS zone is a file hosted on DNS server which contains all DNS records for a domain name.

What is a nameserver?

Nameserver is the DNS server address for your domain. Nameservers are responsible for providing the IP address of the domain name. It allows you to access websites by using domain names instead of IP addresses. By changing nameservers, you can point a domain name to a different hosting provider.

A (Address) Record

A records are for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and tell a request where your domain should direct to. A and AAAA records are very similar, NameOcean DNS automatically detects IPv4 and IPv6 and create Address records for you.

As seen on the image, SOA and NS records are automatically created for every DNS Zone.

CNAME (Canonical Name) Record

CNAME records act as an alias by mapping a hostname to another hostname.

MX (Mail Exchanger) record?

The MX (mail exchanger) record is an entry in DNS zone which specifies the mail server that is responsible for receiving email messages. For example, if you set Google’s MX record for your domain name, any email sent to your domain name will be routed to Google’s servers.