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Whois Lookup

Search domain ownership information, availability and nameserver info with whois lookup


What is Whois?

A whois lookup is used to search information about a specific domain, such as the expiration date, current registrar, registrant information, etc. in a public database. They are vital parts of information found in the WHOIS database which specify and shows your domain. It provides all settings from safety, which show if your domain is protected from unauthorized transfers, to possible pending actions and the date your domain expires. Whois look up is performed to view any of such information which is stored in the database. This makes you wonder about your own private information. And realize how easy it is to access your information.

How does the whois work?

Whois is a query-response protocol which is used to query a public database which consists of registered users or internet users. It also contains the internet assignees such as the domain name, IP address, and a wider range of other information. The protocol stores the data and delivers it when asked for in human readable form.

Whois is a system which allows you to lookup name or contact information of any registered domain. The information is present in this whois database which can be available to anyone who wants to access it through a whois lookup tool like Nameocean. Information within the lookup, to some extent, depends on the registrar. Nevertheless, you will be able to see details like owner of the domain, date and time of registration, expiration of the domain and where the DNS is hosted. In some cases, you will need to visit the registrar's website for more information.